5 Best Places to Visit in Ukraine

Borders are closed, and the soul requires rest? Go on a trip to Ukraine. Our country is richer than you can imagine. We’ve made you a selection of unsized places where you can be inspired, alone with nature, and take cool Instagram photos.

Tarasova Mountain, Kanev, Cherkas Region

Probably, there are no Ukrainians who do not know about this integrity, but, at the same time, were not all there. If you haven’t got it either, then, as they say, it’s time. To get to the memorial complex on the mountain, prepare to overcome 339 steps. It won’t be easy, but the climb is worth it. At the foot of the monument to Kobzar opens not just a beautiful, but a stunning view of Dnipro, everything, as bequeathed by Taras. Downstairs, not far from the river, there are many recreation centers where you can fish, admire nature, and arrange a digital detox.

Buk Canyon, Cherkas Region

This is an impressive place to look for in the village of Buki Cherkas region. Here you can endlessly observe the beauty of nature, absorb its power and power.

Located on the River Mountain Tikich canyon is quite narrow, but at the same time deep. Its width varies within 20-40 meters, and the maximum depth reaches 20 meters. The length of the canyon itself is about 5 kilometers. Well, granite rocks, through which the river flows, in the region of two billion years. There’s unreal energy in this place, and you’re going to feel it.

The Beech Canyon is ideal for a family holiday. And the location is adored by climbers, climbers, and kayakers. You can go here for a day to admire nature, and a couple, if there is a desire to relax in tents.

Cold Yar, Cherkas Region

An incredible place of power with very beautiful landscapes and rich history. Archaeologists have found traces of all crops living in Ukraine, including Trypillian and Scythian tracts, in this 7,000-hectare tract. Also, the same Koliivshchina broke out in Cold Yar. The witness of all historical vicissitudes is the thousand-year-old oak of Maxim Zalyzniak. According to legend, the thirty-meter giant has magical power. Everyone who rests in his shadow will gain strength to realize his dream. We have to go.

Sofia, Uman, Cherkas region

More than 500,000 people a year come here to enjoy the beauty of nature and the creation of human hands. This is an amazing place to walk – not to walk. More than 3,300 species of trees and bushes grow on an area of 179.2 hectares. There are also lakes, waterfalls, grottoes, original gazebos, and unusual sculptures. What to rub, to come true desire, and where to go to get the impression brighter, will prompt local guides.

Children will love the trip in “Sofievka” madly, swimming on a boat on a mesmerizing underground river, they will remember for sure.

There are a lot of people in Sofiivka on weekends, but the park is huge, it is easy to miss. Although, of course, the ideal time for a quality leisurely walk – weekdays.

Sugar Castle, Sharovka, Kharkiv region

An hour’s drive from Kharkiv is a very interesting attraction, which locals call “Sugar Castle” – the palace-park complex of Kenig in the early 19th century.

The white palace in the Gothic style has long attracted photographers, connoisseurs of unique architecture, and simple romantics. The latter especially like the legend of this place. So, they say that the arboretum built a sugar factory for his wife. Even in winter, flowers grew for a luxurious woman in the park. One day she fell ill with consumption and went to be treated by the sea, where she started an affair with an officer. The husband learned of the betrayal of his wife and, that she never forgot about his grave sin, installed a 6-ton block in the garden. Walking along with the old manor, you can see this stone. Locals believe that he fulfills the desire if you touch him and think about what you want more than anything else in the world. Also on the estate, there is an old-timer – 600-year-old oak. He’s the only one who knows what’s going on here.

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