12 Beauty Tips To Come In Handy In October

Beauty editor of the StopGap website. Sampler has collected 12 useful for beauty and well-being classes, which will be useful in October for every beauty needle.

1. Listen to the new Colonia Futura fragrance from Acqua di Parma, which became part of the LVMH sustainability program. Cologne is fully biodegradable, the bottle is made of glass, suitable for recycling, packaging – from cardboard, consisting of organic waste. The novelty is fresh and bright: characteristic of the brand bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, sage, vetiver and my genetic love – lavender. This cologne will not exactly allow the autumn moping to break into your mood: it works like a solar shield, calling to celebrate life without looking back on the weather.

2. Go to beauty-shopping in the Instagram account Anna Krasota Shop or in their offline store, located on the street Of 26 Mikhail Maksimovich. Even I, a beauty-foodie with experience, when ordering run eyes. I want everything at once: dietary supplements, detox drinks, brushes for brushing, legendary twigs Tangle Teezer in dozens of shades, auto tans, products for SPA in your own bathroom, quality care from luxury, professional and cosmeceutical deliriums for hair, body, face.

Recently, there were a few more cool new products: the Ukrainian market finally comes a few more well-known brands around the world. For example, Allies of Skin products used to have to be ordered from Sephora or Cult Beauty, and today you can just write to creator Anna and get an order during the day. Operational delivery is another feature of them. The Brand Rejudicare is adored in Canada and is known around the world especially those to whom these remedies have helped to get rid of acne and increased fat separation, the brand PSA is often called a more affordable alternative to iSClinical.

3. Make the morning skincare ritual awakening with the help of a novelty from the geniuses of care Biologique Recherche. In 2020, the brand has updated the packaging of creams around the eyes and lips, among which I particularly liked Cr’me Contour des Yeux VIP O2. Now the boiled-white ergonomic vial has a metal applicator that provides an instant cryo effect, stimulating microcirculation and eliminating swelling. The cream formula protects cells from the harmful effects of the environment, fights dark circles under the eyes, with regular use reduces the depth of facial wrinkles in this delicate area. All Biologique Recherche products are recommended to be stored in the refrigerator, as there are very few preservatives. Therefore, if I have an early rise, I use only this cream – the awakening effect of the cool texture means and the ice applicator can not be described in words! The time you’ve just woken up and your eyes are already shining.

4. Read the book “Adorable Bowel” and learn that beautiful skin and excellent health largely depend on this organ. This is known by the Japanese experts of the company B’amp’S corporation, who have created a metabiotic of the new generation of Daigo, which includes 16 strains of lactobacillus to form a healthy gut microflora Formula Daigo is based on a revolutionary discovery that it is much more useful to use not live fermented milk bacteria contained in yogurts and probiotics, and their secretion products – bioregulators, strengthening and activating colonization of their own intestines. Daigo is not a medicine, not a probiotic or even a symbiotic, it acts selectively and much more effectively, contributing to the growth of an individual, “native” bacteria for the body. It does not nourish intestinal microorganisms (as a prebiotic), it lacks live microbes (like a probiotic), but it contains bioregulators, reviving each person’s unique physioflora in different organs and areas of the body. That’s his superpower.

5. Visit the site of Eshoping.ua is a retail and wholesale online store of professional beauty-products for beauty salons and personal use. There are more than two thousand funds from well-known companies on the market: Keen, Ing, C:Ehko, Lcn, Nua, Nua Pro and Hair Company. I am very impressed with the free delivery in Kiev and the fact that orders are sent here, even if you need only one product – there is no set minimum order amount. The site has special offers – a cumulative bonus program, the profitable package offers, and regularly pass promotions. The site is as convenient, practical to use – to understand and order your favorite hair mask, makeup brushes (just look at the flawless brushes from Lcn!), the mask with clay and much more will not be difficult even for those who do not spend days on the Internet.

6. Put on a shelf in the bathroom professional hair care from the American brand Aloxxi. If you don’t know, George Schaeffer is the inspiration for Aloxxi and the founder of the legendary OPI nail brand (you’ve definitely heard of them). Not surprisingly, Aloxxi’s hair dye palette has more than 100 shades.

At the heart of all the brand products is a brand-patented component: the R22 polymer and the natural ingredients-rich base that make hair healthier and shinier. Aloxxi products do not contain sulfates, parabens and sodium chlorides – instead of them in formulas a lot of vitamin complexes, plant extracts and natural oils. My inner ecologist is jubilant: the tools are not tested on animals and have bio-packaging. Now the brand has an official representative in Ukraine, subscribe to them on Instagram.

7. Make a gift to your mother or yourselfby enrolling in the Sandy Time Aesthetic Center for the SMAS lifting procedure. This is the right solution for those who want a powerful anti age effect but are not ready for plastic surgery. Ultrasonic SMAS face lifting on Ultraformer 3 is without exaggeration a unique hardware technique that returns the youthful look and quality of the skin without surgery. The technology is based on the treatment of deep layers of the skin with focused ultrasonic waves that stimulate cells to naturally produce fresh fibers of collagen, a protein of youth. The positive effect is visible immediately after the procedure, but is further enhanced within 3-6 months, and the duration of its preservation – up to 2 years. To date, ultrasonic SMAS lifting is the only non-invasive, worthy alternative to surgical facelifts.

8. Dress the pillow into a silk pillowcase. The best is made by the Ukrainian brand Mon Mou. Buying a pillowcase made of natural silk is a necessary step for aesthetes, as well as all those who grow hair and spend every day in the fight for the perfect skin. This pillowcase works to prevent wrinkles, morning “sleep” hall, prevention of irritations and rashes due to the bactericidal properties of silk.

The benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase can hardly be overestimated: this fabric every day makes the hair smoother and shiny, reduces fluffiness (as the owner of curly hair I am ready to put a monument to the brand Mon Mou), resists mechanical damage, the appearance of split ends, brittle hair. In addition, if you have done a styling in the cabin and want to keep it as long as possible – with this pillowcase the idea is doomed to success.

9. To restore hair after the insolation season. In this case, you will definitely help the novelty of Olaplex – restoring oil “Drop of Perfection.” It, as well as in every product of the brand, has a patented technology that connects the broken disulfide bonds in the structure of the hair, ensuring the absence of damage during any salon service, as well as with daily negative chemical, thermal and mechanical effects.

In addition to the star component, the formula works a whole army of natural oils and extracts: corn, oils of moringa seeds, sunflower, pomegranate seeds, camellia seed oil, extracts of Asian plant noni and leaves of the nim tree, as well as vitamin E and beta-cardboard. Together, they guarantee recovery, strengthen, facilitate combing, reduce the expression of frizzy effect, discipline unruly strands, ensure the durability of color, return brightness does not weigh, condition hair and provide heat protection to 230 degrees Celsius, reduce styling time, emphasize natural curl and make hair more obedient and shiny. The tool is extremely simple to use: just a couple of drops to grind in the palms, and apply on wet or dry hair. All! Curls like Hollywood celebrities on every track now you will have every day.

10. To fill the rows on the dressing table with decent means. In time, the Caudalie brand restarted its “star” Resveratrol-Lift with an updated formula. It consists of resveratrol vines, a complex of microhyaluronic acids and vegan mahogany bark collagen, which is mined in the African state of Burkina Faso. The brand’s experts together with Harvard Medical School proved that the duo of resveratrol and hyaluronic acid is twice as effective as retinol, stimulates the production of its own collagen.

There are five products in the range: balm serum, eye balm, creme-cashmere, day fluid and night cream with herbal extracts. The whole range comes out in 100% recyclable packaging.

11. Try a few new products from the French brand Yves Rocher. My favorites are the eye-watering skin range with Pur Bleuet cornflower extract and a multifunctional hair cream that doesn’t need to be washed off. In the range of four products without flavors, mineral oils and silicones: refreshing lotion for tired eyes, gel, make-up remover – express and for particularly sensitive skin.

The hair remedy has a pleasant melting texture, the composition has a lot of jojoba oil and no silicones at all. The cream can be used as an indelible balm, night mask, daytime hair styling. My holiday by the sea was not without this cream. The result is not a single damaged hair and obedient curls. Honestly: only for the meeting with this cream can be thanked 2020. If you try this tool one day, it will never disappear from your beauty shopping list again. I promise.

12. To rejoice that another organic brand from Provence, La Fare 1789, has arrived in Ukraine. What are the fragrant products and vintage-style bottles!

The formulas for skin and hair care products are based on extracts and oils of endemic Provence plants – that is, those that can only be found in this region, and nowhere else in the world. The company is passionate about environmental protection, so all packaging of products is recyclable, and renewable energy is used for production. All products are certified by EcoCert and BIO, and La Fare is a 1% for the Planet organization that aims to protect the environment.


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